Bases for GXS53 lamps

Fixed holders for B22 are commonplace. Generally they are ugly fittings, used simply to provide light – cupboards (particularly under stairs), WCs (particularly in commercial premises and schools), etc. They are available as batten holders, on roses with provision for 3-plate wiring and in angled versions.

Why are they used? Because they are cheap, convenient, omnidirectional and have replaceable lamps.

What’s wrong with them? High profile, mechanically fragile, touchable contacts.

What should we have instead?
GX53 equivalents: batten, on 3-plate rose and on single face plate.

Why GX53?
Mechanically robust, concealed contacts, for ceilings where you don’t want to pierce the construction for thermal, fire and acoustic reasons and to enable easy conversion from existing B22 ceiling roses. Plus cheap, convenient, omnidirectional and replaceable lamps.

GX53 is large enough to have photocells and PIR sensors built while retaining the low profile.

There is scope for large and attractive lamps, for instance this from Fumagalli:

Is there nothing already available? Generally no. Some are available for recessed mounting. But those for surface mounting are crude, leave connecting wires visible and have no space for 3-plate connections.